OT/PT at P.S.160
Welcome to the OT/PT department of P.S. 160!
  P.S. 160's - Emergency Building Response Team- Building Response Teams (BRTs) are emergency information and action management teams that exist within each school or non-school building. The BRT members form the school’s core emergency response group and are hand selected by the Principal to handle all school or student-related emergency incidents and conditions. On average, BRTswill consist of five members; however, BRT size will be determined on a case-by-case basis. For Campus Structures, there will be one BRT for the campus withrepresentation from each school. As members of the BRT, these employees are trained to collect and provide accurate information on an incident.
PBIS At P.S. 160
PBIS at P.S. 160: What's The Buzzz At P.S. 160? To Be Respectful To Be Tolerant To Be Responsible