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If you are interested in applying to our school please click on the following link for our application: Magnet application.pdfb.

Click the link below for a great website to learn more about women in science: http://sciencenetlinks.com/collections/womens-history-month/

 Parent 411 Newsletter , please click on following link to view - https://www.smore.com/nj6h0  

    k- 5 uniform.pdfpre k uniform.pdf  Uniform Policy: Parents we are a mandated uniform school. Uniforms are to be worn daily and they consist of the following:  For K-5th grade students- School shirt (red polo with school logo), standard school navy pants/skirt or dress and navy or black shoes. Pre-K students it is a grey polo shirt with school logo. On scheduled gym days students should wear navy sweatpants and a white shirt. We will still use our white button down shirts/polo shirts for special assembly days.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Moving forward students should be in their red school shirt and navy pants unless notified of a special assembly. Only Pre-k shirts are ordered specifically through the school. The cost of the shirt is $10. 

***                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Just A Reminder : Parents, it is important that we have an Emergency Contact Card on file for your child with correct pick up and contact information. Students will not be released to anyone who is not on their blue emergency card. If you need to add any new information please click on the link and send the adjusted information in your child's homework folder.  blue card pdf.pdf  (Please click here to download Parent Emergency Contact Card).

Please be mindful to listen out for phone blasts from the school in regards to upcoming activities.   

Note: If you have not signed up for our REMIND Text message service please scroll down for more information on how to log in and receive text messages from the school.

Parents Please Note: There are some new protocols for our NEW GYM- Please click on link to view: New gym protocol.pdf 




P.S. 160 Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead 2018-2019


The Walt Disney school is moving full STEAM ahead this year in Science, Technology, Engineering , Art and Math. This website is here to keep you informed of "What's Happening At P.S. 160".

How To Maneuver Through Our Website: Click on the menu and under each tab find out information about our school. 

*Information about the Rules/Regulations of P.S. 160 and the NYC DOE can be found under the About The Walt Disney School tab.-

 At the About The Walt Disney School sub tab you will find: 1) Our Mission /Vision Statement 2) Link to the NYC DOE Rules & Regulations  3) Our Parent Handbook where you can find information about the in's and out's of P.S. 160.

P.S. 160's Policies/Rules sub tab you will find: 1) A link to the NYC Chancellor's Regulations 2) P.S. 160's Parent Involvement Policy 3) Cell Phone/ Electronic Usage Policy 4) Grading Policy   

*Please check out our Parent Coordinator (Parent FYI).-  Here you will find parent resources, information about upcoming workshops, parent/student events, information concerning middle school and links to our Remind text and email system .

* The Class Directory - This is  where you can find  information  such as ; homework assignments, reports and special announcements  concerning your child's class.



WHOSE HOUSE: OBAMA: Yes We Can! Si, Se Puede; OPRAH: No Struggle , No Strength!; OCHOA : Reach For The Stars! House Information and Updates

  Whose House? Whose House Is In The Lead?

Related imageOCHOA HOUSE...REACH FOR THE STARS! Our Fall Semester "Top House"

Thank you to our HOUSE PARENTS who have really jumped in to help to support our new house system. Your participation speaks volumes and also helps to earn HOUSE POINTS!  

Parent Participation plays a big part in your child's House earning House Points!  Your attendance at family events & workshops adds House Points. We are STILL looking for House Parents especially in our 1st Grade!

 (Pre-k to 1st Grade) OBAMA: Yes We Can! Si, Se Puede- 

(2nd & 3rd Grade) OPRAH: No Struggle , No Strength!- 

(4th & 5th Grade) OCHOA : Reach For The Stars! - 

Looking Forward 2018-2019 School Updates

What's Happening In School?- 

Click on link to view the NYC DOE School Calendar 2018 - 2019. https://www.schools.nyc.gov/calendar?event_categories=1|Key%20Dates,,




Events, Project Based Learning , Celebrations and much more

CEC ( Community Education Council ) MEETINGS -

 Community Education Council (CEC) meetings are very important and parents/ community members are welcome to attend. It is a great way to get informed about what is going on in your school district. Please click on the link to find out more information about CECs.-http://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/CEC/currentmembers.htm.

 Next Meeting:  April 9th, City Island School P.S 175 ( Public transportation use the # 29 Bus)


 At our CEC Meeting  held on April 25th at PS 68, 4011 Monticello ave.  at 6 :00 pm (Business Meeting) and at  7:00 pm  (Calendar Meeting). The main topic of discussion at this meeting was the state of education. What is the plan for  our schools under the  new Trump Administration.  Parent leaders from different schools urged parents to review the "proposed" Bill H.R. 610, "Title l- Choices In Education Act" and to become proactive in the state of their child's education. 



School Contact Information

  P.S. 160's Contact Information:

Phone #- (718) 822-8402  Fax # (718) 822 8416

Principal: Lori Baker, E-mail- lbaker3@ schools.nyc.gov    

Asst. Principal: Katherine Atiles, E-mail- katiles@schools.nyc.gov

Asst. Principal: Kiana Washington, E-mail- kwashington15@schools.nyc.gov

Parent Coordinator: Kwafi Gray,   E-mail - kgray6@schools.nyc.gov

STEAM - Collaborative Research

  • PBL-Weather Watchers

    Students are involved in collaborative research based on shared interest. 

  • Fraction Fun

    Would you rather eat 0ne-fourth of a pizza or 0ne-eighth?

  • Mathematics and Manipulatives

    The use of manipulatives in teaching mathematics has a long tradition and solid research history. Manipulatives not only allow students to construct their own cognitive models for abstract mathematical ideas and processes, they also provide a common language with which to communicate these models to the teacher and other students. In addition to the ability of manipulatives to aid directly in the cognitive process, manipulatives have the additional advantage of engaging students and increasing both interest in and enjoyment of mathematics. Students who are presented with the opportunity to use manipulatives report that they are more interested in mathematics. Long-term interest in mathematics translates to increased mathematical ability (Sutton & Krueger, 2002).

  • 3rd Grade PBL Documentary: Coming Soon

  • What do you know about China?

    Students learn about China during a scavenger hunt of asking and answering questions.

  • PBL-Science

    Third grade used their understanding of biomimicry ( how engineers imitate nature),  to design a sustainable environment for the grove snail and other animals.

  • Project Based Learning: Research

    PBL has a positive impact on how students learn. “ Research shows students develop skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and engagement.” (Buck Institute for Education).

  • PBIS: Web of Kindness

    The power of kindness is inspiring; students in class 3-219 created a web of kindness sharing or noticing the good qualities in each other.

  • Independent Work

    During English Language Arts students utilize computers. Technology provides an opportunity for students to tap into their learning modality by helping reinforce core skills.

  • Math: Problem Solving

    Students develop understanding and mastery of the subject through peer teaching.


Test Coordinator's Corner-Important Testing Dates & Information.

  Grades 3–8 State Tests

Elementary and middle school students in New York State take yearly State tests in core academic subjects to assess their mastery of the Common Core Learning Standards. Students’ test results are one of the factors that schools use to decide whether to promote a student to the next grade. Educators also analyze students’ test results to help determine which instructional standards to focus on, and to evaluate their programs.
The links below take you to pages with more information about each particular test that elementary and middle school students take; you can also read more about how subjects are taught in New York City on the Academics page. 


English Language Arts (ELA): Students in grades 3-8 take this test in spring. ( April 2nd & 3rd)

  • Math: Students in grades 3-8 take this test in spring.
  • Science: Students in grades 4 and 8 take this test in spring.


http://schools.nyc.gov/Accountability/resources/testing/default.htm Click on this link for more information about NY State Exams.