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    Summer Picture Day In Co-op City on the Greeway @ 10 am

    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
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    Pandemic - EBT Family Support Money For Families- Update

    Children who lost food benefits due to COVID-19 school closures can access meals through the Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) program. P-EBT benefits require no application and will be automatically issued to kids who would have received free or reduced-price meals through the federal school lunch program. Benefits should have already been issued or will be soon. If your child is eligible but your household has not received a P-EBD card and/or benefit by mid-August, call NYSOTDA at 1-833-452-0096.


    New York Letter- PEBT  Pandemic EBT (Pebt Cards) - The Federal Government is using funding left from  Free/Reduced lunch program to assist families facing  food insecurities during this pandemic. PEBT cards loaded with $420 per NYC student will be mailed to every DOE parent of a child in K-12 to reflect the cost of their lunches while school was closed.

    Please see attached P-EBT Presentation to view more detailed information.

    Parent Coordinator-Parent 411
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    Latest Update from the Chancellor - School Reopening As Of Aug. 6, 2020

    Information for School Year - 2020 - 2021 (Please look under our tab - CoVid19 Blended Learning & Remote Learning) The latest update on instruction from the Chancellor can be found there.

    Please read the attached information regarding School Reopening. Attached you will find the latest update (Aug. 4, 2020) from the Chancellor. 

    Criteria to Open Schools and Keep them Open
    While we continue to carefully monitor a constantly changing health landscape, one thing remains steadfast: our
    commitment to the health and safety of our students, teachers, and staff. This priority is the foundation of all of
    our policy moving into September.
    On July 31, the Mayor and I announced that for school buildings to open in September and remain open, on a
    weekly average the city must see fewer than 3% of all COVID-19 tests come back positive. Additionally, if 3%
    or more of New Yorkers who are tested for COVID-19 are found to have the virus after we open, school buildings
    will close again, and 100% of learning will be remote for every student.
    Since June, we’ve hovered around 1-2%, and are working closely with the New York City Department of Health
    and Mental Hygiene (NYC Health), NYC Test + Trace, and the Mayor’s Office to prepare for a coordinated
    school reopening. If staff and students aren’t healthy, they can’t teach and learn, and we are doing all we can to
    ensure that schools remain safe and healthy for learning.
    (Please view the attached letter)

    Click on the links provided to read what the Chancellor is offering as options for families. Parents must fill out the survey of their preference of their child's attendance for fall ( Blended Learning ( in school & remote or  Full time Remote Learning) Parents have until Aug. 7th to submit their decision. 

    School Reopening 2020

    Family and Community Empowerment

    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
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    MS 180 6th Grade Summer Updates

    Middle School Summer Update- Parents of Students Attending MS 180 

    Parents with children attending MS 180 - Parent meeting Thurs., Aug. 6, at 5pm. Please dial in to:

    +1 443-584-5131‬ PIN: ‪828 213 138‬# 

    MS 180 Welcome Letter is attached please review.

    Please click on the link provided to view Incoming 6th Grade Summer Packet- This work must be completed prior to the start of school.

    MS 180 - Incoming 6th Grade Summer Packet

    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
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    Phase 1 School Reopening Parent Forum

    PHASE 1 - SCHOOL REOPENING Forum- If you have any questions concerning School Reopening please click on the link below to leave your question.

    Questions in regards to Fall School Reopening

    Questions will be answered at our Phase2 Reopening Session following the Governor's scheduled report in August .

    Here is the Phase 1 School Reopening Parent Session link to today's video recording. (Password: FxH4&S*R)

    Click on the link to view the presentation from today's forum Phase 1 School Reopening - Parent Forum


    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
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    Summer Fun - Virtual Trips For Students Of All Ages

    LIVE Virtual Summer Field Trips for Families 

    In partnership with parent leaders, we have organized a series of LIVE virtual summer field trips with cultural institutions across NYC.  Here are the trips that families can log onto next week: 

    ·        Summer Art Studio at the Whitney Muesum for PreK-5 | July 28 | 11AM-11:40AM  

    Participants will experiment, create, and learn together with at-home art materials.  

    ·         Star Stories at the Intrepid for grades 3-12 | July 28 | 3PM-4PM  

    Using images of the night sky, stories from different cultures and examples of simple navigation tools, an Intrepid Museum Educator will help participants view their sky in a whole new way. 

    ·          Meet Victoria at the Tenement Museum for grades K-8 | July 29 | 11AM-12PM  

    Journey back in time to 1916 and learn from an actor playing Victoria Confino, a real 14-year-old girl who immigrated to the United States in 1913. Victoria will show us her home, and share stories of her daily life and how her family keeps their culture alive through food, language, holidays and more. Throughout the program, participants will have a chance to ask Victoria their own questions. 

    ·         Summer Art Studio at the Whitney Museum for grades 6-8 | July 29 | 11AM-11:40AM  

    Participants will experiment, create, and learn together with at-home art materials. Join us to create your own version of Experiments of Color inspired by Emma Amos. 

    ·         What Floats Your Boat at the Intrepid for grades 3-12 | July 30 | 3PM-4PM  

    How exactly does a ship float? Join the Intrepid Museum as we learn about the steps engineers take as they carry out a project such as making a ship large as Intrepid float and create your own floating vessels. For kids and adults at home. Materials: A sheet of foil, large bowl, and 20 to 40 pennies. 

    ·         Summer Art Studio at the Whitney Museum for grades 9-12 | July 31 | 11AM-11:40AM  

     Participants will experiment, create, and learn together with at-home art materials. Join us to create your own version of Experiments of Color inspired by Emma Amos. 

    ·         Exploring Creative Careers at the MET for grades 9-12 | July 31 | 1PM-3PM  

    How can artists and art lovers turn their interests into careers? Join the MET on this interactive virtual event to investigate careers in the arts, discover new interests, hear from creative professionals, and build your skills in special workshops. 

    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
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    NYC DOE Issued Ipad Internet safety


    While your DOE-loaned iPad is currently setup with a content filter to ensure your child's internet safety, an updated content filtering application is now available. Please sign-in on your device to enable these updates as soon as possible. After July 31, 2020 internet access on the iPad will be limited to DOE resources until you sign in to the Zscaler software to establish a secure connection.

    What should I do next?

    Please use the link below to set up Zscaler on your device, follow the instructions under “Ensure Your Child’s Internet Safety”

    NYC DOE Issued Ipad Internet Safety

    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
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    NYC SCHOOL ACCOUNTS & Final Report Cards

    Parents please click on the attachment below from Ms. Baker explaining  how final report cards  will be distributed .

    Parents if you do not have a NYC Schools Account, please  check your child's email. If you did not receive an email that means you already have an established NYC Schools Account. Just click on the higlighted NYC Schools Account link below. 

    I have attached to loom videos to help assist parents in 1) Setting up an Account 2) Where to access report card info once in the account.

    Did you know that you can track your child’s education on any computer, phone, or tablet? The NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) is an app that lets you see your student’s grades, attendance, fitness results, schedule, and more from anywhere and in all DOE languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu. Get started right now!

    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
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    The Bronx Borough Visual Arts Festival

    The Bronx Borough Visual Arts Festival has created a Virtual Art Gallery of student winners 2020.
    Two of our very own students Jordan Smith, class 3-219 (Slide 11) and Garrett Fontimayor, class 5-367(Slide 26) work is showcased.
    Bronx Arts Festival 2020 ( Please click on link to view)
    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
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    End of Year Information from our Chancellor

    Please click on the attatchments below to read Chancellor Carranza's End of the Year Letters to Families.

    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
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    Title 1 Parent Workshop Video- Protocols & Strategies ( Positive Outcomes When Interacting With The Police) /Coping ( Anxiety & Stess)

    Title 1 Workshop- Positve Outcomes When Interacting With The Police

    Please click on the link above to view a powerful workshop dealing with tips and strategies for families focusing on positive outcomes when dealing with the police . The workshop also offers strategies for identifying and countering anxiety and stress in adults & children during this stressful time.

    Parent Coordinator-Parent 411
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    Important Contact Information

    During the summer months please view below the following information ( Available throughout the Summer): Please note do not use the emails , they will not work.  

    Mrs. L. Baker, Principal-

    Mrs. K. Washington, Asst. Principal-

    Mrs. K. Gray, Parent Coordinator-  Remote Learning  Phone #: 845 875 9234

    Parent Coordinator-Parent 411
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    Parent Resources

    Here are a list of Food Resources- If you or someone you may know is in need of food please click on the attachement below .

    Need Help, Helping Your Child Through Disappointment During CoVid?- Please click on the link below.

    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
  • Parent Info Session - School REOPENING - Preliminary Conversation Video

     On Wed. June 24th  we held a preliminary conversation about the possibilities for our 2020- 2021 school year.n

    Please click on the link provided below to view our Parent Info Session discussing the possible options for School Reopening.

    Parent Info Session- School Reopening

    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
  • A Message From Our Chancellor- A Response to Current Events

    Please see the attached message from our Chancellor addressing the state of our city and country in response to the devastating events that have been taking place around our country these past days. 

    PS 160 (11X160) - The Walt Disney School
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Getting To Know Us... The Walt Disney Magnet STEAM School

STEAM - Collaborative Research

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    Web of kindness

    Third grade shows kindness toward one another.

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    Each One Teach One; “We share what we’ve learned with you”

    Fourth grade students support third grade students with math.

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    NYC Park Rangers- Ecosystem


    The students learned about the Ecosystem, the complex of living organisms, their physical environment, and all their interrelationships.
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    Exemplars -" A powerful performance material for developing critical thinking, reasoning and communication skills in mathematics."

      Students work with a partner to develop their high-order thinking skills.

  • Peer Teaching


    Peer teaching is a method by which one student instructs another student.  The benefit is peers and students share a similar discourse, allowing for greater understanding.  "Research also indicates that peer learning activities typically yield the following results for both tutor and tutee: team-building spirit and more supportive relationships; greater psychological well-being, social competence, communication skills and self-esteem; and higher achievement and greater productivity in terms of enhanced learning outcomes."

  • Library checkout encourages reading

  • Collaborative Learning

    Learning Collaboratively Helps Students

    Students have
    the opportunity to work and collaborate together to learn and grow from each other. Collaborative learning has been shown to not only develop higher-level thinking skills in students, but boost their confidence and self-esteem as well.

  • Why Research?

    Research help students improve reading skills. It helps students develop critical thinking and reasoning skills as they collect sources for their writing.

  • New York City’s Water System

    The students learned how New York City gets its water from reservoir to tap. They also as engineers constructed model aqueducts.

  • STEAM Challenge

    Students worked with a partner to build the longest chain, using one piece of construction paper.

  • Properties of Matter-Invisible Ink

    The students learned how to write a secret message using lemon juice. Lemon juice is an acidic and weakens paper. When the paper is heated, the remaining acid turns the paper brown and reveals the message. 

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PS 160 Virtual Art Exhibition 2019 - 2020

Our STEAM Focus

Science: kids playing with play-doh  Technology: girl using iPad to code  Engineering: little ones playing with blocks  Art: boy making art project  Mathematics: girl writing down homework